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Also called “the charming island” La Palma is an island of colourful contrasts. It’s located in the outermost north-west side of the archipelago. Its natural surrounding offers plenty of surprises while discovering its wet and fresh landscape.

In La Palma there is the Parco Nacional de la Caldera de Tamburiente and 19 natural environmentally protected areas where the 2.426 meters high Roque de los Muchachos makes a deep impression due to its contrast with the limited perimeter of the island. Tkere has been installed one of the worldwide best performing telescope-center as that point is considered the ideal place for astronomical observation.

In this island of volcanic origin, there are still areas of warm soil particularly in the southern part and six are the historical volcanos immersed in the green and rich of water surrounding mountains.

Declared by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reservation in its totality La Palma offers a path network  of more than thousand kilometers, all marked in compliance with the European standards thus being trekkers, cyclers and riders  paradise.

La Palma offers beaches of limpid and transparent waters as well as virgin landscapes with impressive cliffs.
Between July and August and once every five year, in Santa Cruz de La Palma the procession of the Virgen de la Nieves is taking place so celebrating a tradition going back to 1680. The procession is accompanied with musical shows among them the most famous one is the dance of the dwarfs.

In several small tobacconist’s premises the handicraft production of the cigar is carried on maintaining a very good reputation and highly appreciated by the smokers. Also cane sugar and local wines are important components of the traditional gastronomy.

La Palma, a wonderful island to be discovered on every nook and cranny.